COLOURS: Silent Poetry of a ‘Colourless’ Portrait

Colours: Film Poster

“I have always been curious about our six senses and how they react or unable to react when one or some of our primary organs suddenly fail to respond. Do we go back to our same senses easily or if we cannot retain them back ever, how do we feel!

I have always tried to look beyond the pain and try to see the dream when I cannot actually see them. They are like writing about spring without witnessing the flowers ever”

        …says Kolkata based filmmaker Anirban Dutta whose new film Colours has been invited to the 24th Busan International Film Festival to represent and promote. It’s definitely a matter of pride for a young Indian independent filmmaker. Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) is held annually in Haeundae district of Busan, South Korea, and is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia. This year it is being organized from Oct 3 to 12, 2019.

Colours is still in the last phase of completion and scheduled to premiere in UK early 2020.


The film is based on the story of a Colourblind girl whose favourite subject is Chemistry and Krishna. The girl’s dreams go beyond the boundaries of self pity and adoring the disability through the metaphysical and chemical reactions set in the sea, river and a Chemistry Laboratory.

How he got inspired to make a film on such a sensitive subject, Anirban reveals, “The story that inspired me to make this film was a “bahuroopi” girl who dressed herself like Lord Krishna during the Basanta Utsav at Bolpur – Shantiniketan last year and her eyes were mesmerizing. There wasn’t a moment when she didn’t seem like Krishna. I went close to her and appreciated her makeup that is when she replied that she doesn’t feel the hues as much as I can see and feel it and I discovered she was colourblind.

Anirban Dutta

           He further adds, “Colour-blindness is something that people often misunderstand and pity unnecessarily. Let’s say somebody with normal color vision can identify and distinguish 150 hues. If I were a colorblind this number starts to drop as I have fewer possibilities to create colour mixtures from my color receptors. In case of absolute color blindness—missing one type of cone at all—I might be able to distinguish only as many as 20 different hues”.                

Colours, a silent feature film of 80 minutes duration, is embedded with natural sounds and musical treatments which are less composed and more from instincts.

Jahnabi: Film Poster

         With his last film Jahnabi (2018), Anirban Dutta has marked his identity as a young and talented filmmaker with sensitivity and sensibility. He is known for his passion for cinema and this passion only motivated him to fund himself for his next, Colours.

The message that I want to spread from this film is to read and know more about our less popular bust existing diseases so that we can bully the ill less and help them more to walk along with us” he says.

The film has Sagar Mahindra, Dipanwita Bhattacharjee and Samridhi Dutta playing three leads and they are experienced graduates from film and photography schools. At present Anirban is working on the film’s music with Sushruta Goswami and Ankita Pal, who are established musicians as a flute player and composer – singer.

Young & independent filmmakers like Anirban making films like Colours reassures that future of Indian Cinema is bright and reaffirms that Cinema has no language, no boundaries, no barriers…

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