'WATCH CINEMA' campaign launched Screening of award winning Marathi film 'Kaasav'

NDFF under its campaign WATCH CINEMA, organized screening of National Award Winner Marathi film ‘Kaasav‘ on Oct 7, 2018 at Noida. It was a great success in terms of providing an opportunity to film lovers to watch a beautiful & brilliantly made film.

The film, produced by Mohan Agashe and directed by Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar deals with depression; which many of us, or our loved ones might be suffering from. The film depicts the journey of a character, from one state of mind, to the other…and in this process we get to know the reality and hollowness of our prsent social/family set up, our changing attitude, the essence of being human, the subtle Geeta gyaan and

how the life cycle of a Kaasav (means turtle in Marathi) we can relate with.

Actually the film talks about a turtle conservation programme, the turtle in the film’s title is largely metaphorical. It compares the mental shell of a patient of depression with that of a turtle and the way narrative travels is amazing. Visuals, dialogues direction force you to think why this film could not have been made in hindi….

New Delhi Film Foundation is thankful to the film festival consultant & renowned film festival curator Mr U Radhakrishnan, for extending his cooperation and all the support to make it happen.

New Delhi Film Foundation is going to organizing many more gems from Indian Regional Cinema in coming days. Stay connected.