Another Round: An Intoxicating Celebration of Life

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Film: Another Round
Nilotpal Sen

‘Another Round’ (‘Druk‘ in Danish) has won Oscar in Best International Feature Film category. It is a 2020 comedy-drama film directed by Thomas Vinterberg and stars Mads Mikkelsen, as the lead actor. The film is available on on Bookmyshow streaming. Here Nilotpal Sen, who is a marketing executive by profession, movie critic by love and passion is giving a review of the film.

An intoxicating celebration of life and a sobering examination of midlife crisis that illuminates the inebriating delights & euphoric pleasures of alcohol influence with heart & humour without ever shying from the havoc it can cause when consumed in excess, Another Round (Druk) blends the elements of comedy, drama & tragedy into a vibrant, effervescent & invigorating mix, and is brilliantly spearheaded by a stellar showcase from the ever-reliable Mads Mikkelsen.

Film ‘Another Round‘ poster

Co-written & directed by Thomas Vinterberg, the film reunites him with Mikkelsen after their memorable stint with The Hunt and the result is another instant classic. Vinterberg takes a naturalistic & humanistic approach to bring his story to life and offers a fascinating take on the role of alcohol in Danish culture (or any culture for that matter). The plot concerns four friends who test out an alcohol experiment to enliven their banal professional & personal lives, and it is compelling throughout.

But none of it would be as gripping if the bonding between the characters wasn’t convincing enough and their individual arcs weren’t fleshed out. Everyone plays a valuable role in the story, yet the one who makes the experience truly worthwhile & rewarding is Mads Mikkelsen, whose performance here ranks amongst his finest. We strongly relate to his character, are fully invested in his journey, and the magic he conjures in the last segment is destined to leave an indelible impression on the audiences, leaving them all high & in a state of pure bliss.

Shooting the film Another Round

Overall, Another Round is beautifully anchored by Vinterberg‘s sensible direction & Mikkelsen‘s masterful rendition, and is one of the most engrossing, arresting & life-affirming films of the year. Equal parts funny, touching & heartbreaking, this Danish dramedy has enough vigour & potency to leave most viewers enraptured with its infectious spell & fleeting vibe, and the dazzling quality of the last scene not only serves as a fitting end to a joyful ride but also affirms the film’s position as the Best International Feature Film Oscar winner of 2021. Truly worth your time & money, Another Round comes highly recommended.

Thomas Vinterberg
Writer-Director Thomas Vinterberg

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